Texas "Oddball" Plates
Photo credits: All plate pics are from TXDOT, eBay, or the author.


Strange 1936 plate sent in by a reader

American Assoc. of Motor Vehicle Administrators

1968 annual meeting souvenir plate

1977 annual meeting souvenir motorcycle plate

1969 annual meeting souvenir plate

2001? annual meeting souvenir plate

Brazos River Authority
1980? permit

Chauffeur's Badges


Classic Car Club of America
1979 Bluebonnet Caravan

Department of Public Safety

1998 Officer's Association meeting

Fortune 500 Forum

General Mills/ Wheaties

Toy bicycle plate often mistaken for an authentic bicycle or motorcycle plate. All have this same number.

GF&O Comm.

1942 Skiff License

Grains, Feeds, & Oilseeds? Doesn't make sense for a boat license....

Good Roads Campaign

#25 plates made for many states and countries

National Governor's Conference

1972 Official's plate

National State Trooper's Assoc. Conference

Republican National Convention

1992 Official's plate

Republic of Texas

Issued by private "militia" type group which does not recognize the state government.

Austin American-Statesman

Sign Permit

Southern Governor's Conference - (1964 only)

Texas Dept. of Transportation
special plate issued to violinist Dave Rubinoff

Texas Shriner Assoc.

Texas State Fair

Scooter License

Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo

First Issued: 1992

Issued to official vehicles of the Indian Tribe (near El Paso).

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